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It is with great sadness that we announce today that Jennifer Jayne Photography is closing.  In March of this year our website was hacked which led to the complete shut down to inflow of new business causing JJP to no longer keep our doors open.  What we initially thought was just a nuisance quickly turned into months of frustration.  In June we learned that google had essentially “blacklisted” our website because it was considered compromised and it was affecting how we came up in searches (or if we did at all).  While we had always used many forms of advertising clients doing online searches was our best way of gaining new clientele.  You would think after twelve years and being as established as we were that hackers wouldn’t be able to take us out.  Unfortunately that’s exactly what  happened. We also want to be really sure to communicate this was NOT at the hands of a competitor (we’ve been asked this too many times to count).  We had excellent traffic and search engine optimization on our website and it was done by hackers essentially stealing our traffic hits or stats.  The website was down again as recently as in the last two weeks so unfortunately it continues.

Our final day of business will be November 30th.  Our final week for sessions will be the week of Nov 13th.


Here are some answers to the main questions we’ve been getting this week as we’ve begun to share with friends and colleagues.

1.Will you go back to working out of your home?

No, we moved last year to a new house and there isn’t a good space to do that.

2. Will you work for another photographer?

At this time that is not a plan and no studio comes to mind that is in a position to hire Jennifer.  If that were to happen that would be amazing and we’ll be sure to let you know.  It’s not something we’re pursuing though.

3.Will you do some photography “on the side”?

No, our home does not have a dedicated space and Jennifer’s passion is studio work with babies.

4.What will you do with all your stuff?

There will be a huge sale at the end of November, stay tuned for more details as we get closer.

5. What will you do now?

Mostly wander around like a lost puppy?  This has been Jennifer’s passion and career for twelve years and closing the studio right now is like having the rug ripped from under her.

Choosing another career wasn’t on her mind in any way so while finding a job is necessary we don’t know where that will be.

Some housekeeping:

-If you placed an order but never picked it up PLEASE contact us to do so asap.  We want to be sure everyone gets their orders and some of these things have been sitting here for over two years!  Call first (309-736-0030) as we are not here set hours.

-If you purchased something but never got back to us with an image number etc. please complete your order by Nov 13th.  After November there will be some vendors we will not have access to as we won’t be placing volume orders with them.

-If you booked a session for November yes we will still have a Christmas set available for you to use!

On that same note if you have a session scheduled with us please know there will be NO changes to your session.  We’re so excited to finish out with some of our favorite clients and will cherish these last few sessions.

-If you have a gift certificate or coupon we will do our very best to accommodate everyone.  We no longer have our staff so our session times are very limited as we work hard behind the scenes to tie up loose ends and take care of the clients already booked.  Remaining session availability will be available first come first serve and please understand we will do our very best to get everyone in.

And finally thank you.  Thank you for twelve amazing years and for bringing the cutest babies the Quad Cities has ever seen to see us.  Jennifer has loved every minute of capturing your baby’s memories.


Jennifer in action at her most recent newborn session.


5 thoughts on “Business Closing

  1. We are gutted to hear this news. Jennifer your photos of our daughter hang everywhere in our house are such a joyful reminder of her first year and her growth. With thinking of having another child we already had you in our mind to do photos. I cannot express to you how very sad this makes us. Please please please keep us informed if you have a new spot or place where you are doing photos as we would love to have your creative spirit behind the camera. Thank you for our beautiful photos and God bless you.

    Abbey Matzen

  2. Oh no! I’m so incredibly saddened by this news:( you are such and amazing talent and your pictures of our girls are cherished every day. We are flying all the way from Oregon to have our girls photos done with you because you are so amazing.

  3. So sorry to hear this sad news Jennifer! You took baby pictures of all 3 of my grandchildren, and they will always hold a special place in my heart…’s horrible that someone could do this to you and get away with it! It’s just not fair…and I know you’re not alone. I hope you find something to do that gives you the joy you found in photography….thank you for all the gorgeous pictures you took of my grandchildren…we will always remember your amazing talent…I also will be interested in your sale….Best Wishes will be greatly missed!

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