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Please call 309-736-0030 to schedule your session!

Jennifer Jayne Photography is a custom studio specifically servicing Newborns and Baby’s First Year only.  We will be with you every step of the way, to capture every special moment, and would love to hear from you as soon as possible!  To keep your scheduling and your session as stress free as possible, we recommend booking your newborn session before your third trimester as our calendar fills quickly.  You should plan to schedule your session between five and seven days after Baby’s birth as this is your ideal time frame to capture the images you’ve been waiting for!


Your precious baby is home and you’re ready to capture every single detail.  Those tiny toes take your breath away; his little hand curling around your fingers makes you fall in love over and over again in a single moment.  Her beautiful eyes watch you in wonder, and create sweet dreams for you both, as she sleeps contentedly, snuggled in your arms.  Soon he will be sitting on his own, crawling, walking, more and more aware of the big world around him.  You don’t want to miss a single second.  That’s exactly where Jennifer Jayne photography steps in.  While you enjoy every beautiful moment with your new angel, we will capture your baby’s milestones and beautiful, perfect features.  We know you would prefer to snuggle your new baby, than to hover over her with a camera.  Surely, you will take plenty of your own snapshots, but with Jennifer Jayne Photography, you can be sure to fully catch the miraculous art form of your baby’s new life.  Our full-service studio is the only one of its kind here in the Quad Cities area, focusing solely on you and your baby.  From the minute you contact us with your due date, to Baby’s First Steps, we are by your side to capture this first, most precious year of your new life.

Our newborn sessions are 2 hours long and give you one-on-one attention with Jennifer.  She will be sure you are both comfortable and will have the studio ready for your session when you walk in.  You’ll have time to feed your baby during your session, to keep his tummy full and his face happy.  The studio is kept warm and cozy to tend to Baby’s comfort level, and all photos are taken with your baby’s comfort and safety in mind.

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Babies of all ages:

As your baby grows and you’re ready to capture each new milestone, Jennifer Jayne Photography is waiting and ready for your return!  Our 1 hour milestone sessions are designed to freeze time during your baby’s most distinct new phases of her first year.  As he crawls across the floor, discovering new ground…we are here to crawl right along side of him, focusing on his drooling, toothless smile.  When she starts to wobble across the room, you can hold her hand while we follow from a close distance and capture the joy in her eyes from new found independence.  And when it’s time to celebrate the end of your first year together, and the beginning of a new year full of new milestones, Jennifer Jayne Photography will help you celebrate.  Our one-year sessions are full of smashing birthday cakes, revisiting favorite props, and capturing your baby’s shining, fully adorned personality.

*A note about siblings: We love having siblings jump in for a few pictures with Baby Sister and also enjoy taking one or two family photos upon request.  Throughout the year, keep an eye out for our “Limited Edition” Sessions that are open to kids of all ages.

Our studio hours are M-F 8:30-4:00 and our schedule is open three months out at a time.  Because babies are happiest in the morning those spots fill up first so be sure to call in advance to have the most options for your session day and time.

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