Hi Mamas! 

Step one: pick out your favorite picture

Step two: email us at jenniferjphoto@aol.com to let us know which one is your favorite

We post all the pictures weekly and we email weekly.  We do not have a set day and we don’t always do both on the same day it’s just kind of when we have some extra time so depending on when we’ve sent a batch out and when you email us don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from us for about a week.  We don’t reply back until we send your picture because there are just SO many!

Tip: it’s much easier on you and us if you choose each picture as they go up otherwise you have to scroll to past posts and search for your picture.  Please do not send us screen shots but instead describe them like “month one sitting up full pillow” or “month six laying down close up” “top left” is fine too 🙂


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