Little Cans of Beans…

Meet sweet baby Alexis…she was one of our Christmas give away winners….well ok grandma was but we had to wait for her to be born!  And thanks to Little Cans of Beans she’s quite the stylin’ baby girl!  The tutu headband and beautiful little wrap are all hand made and absolutely gorgeous!!  You can find Little Cans of Beans on Etsy HERE and on Facebook HERE….check her out you’ll be glad you did!

Spring booking….

Just a little FYI that March through July are now completely booked, I’m now scheduling for August 2011 and beyond.  You’re more than welcome to schedule more than one session at a time, so if you know you’ll be wanting those milestone sessions feel free to schedule them all at once for babies first year, birthdays etc..  I know some of you are frustrated that I’m booking so far in advance and some of you have not been able to get in when you wanted….please keep in mind I’m a one girl show.  If you came to me in the past when I had my downtown studio please keep in mind that I had a staff that helped me out a TON behind the scenes.  In order to keep my prices as low as they are I’m unable to have a staff now which means I have to keep myself to a strict schedule in order to get your images back to you in a timely manner.  I’ve also had a lot of questions about a cancellation list and because a true cancellation is rare (as in basically doesn’t happen) it would take me forever to go through a list of people interested in booking a session when the odds of being able to fill a spot so last minute are slim to none.  That would be very time consuming and pretty much a shot in the dark for me so should I ever have an opening I will post it on facebook, first come first serve but again it’s usually very very last minute.  Thank you all for understanding and I promise you it KILLS me whenever I have to say no!!  And because a post isn’t fun without a picture how about a some of my kids from last fall.  I’m FINALLY working on getting them ordered lol!

Miss Claire

Little Claire was one of our winners from the Christmas Give away and here is she is sporting a beautiful headband from Jewelry and Baby Bling by Dara. I LOVE this headband and it went just perfectly with my little ruffly romper! She’s not a big fan of having pictures taken (which she reminds us every time we try lol) but she pulls off the serious look very well lol! If you have a little girl you HAVE to check out her store and if you’re on facebook become a fan, once she hits 5k fans she’ll be having a big sale!
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