That's a wrap!

Boy oh boy have these last few months been a total whirlwind!  I can’t even believe it’s time to say good bye 🙁  Tomorrow is our very last day of sessions and then I have one sweet baby boy that is due to arrive any day.  I have to say I love that I’ll be ending with a newborn.  Seems fitting I think.  These last few months have been spent tying up a million lose ends and for the first time probably since the day I opened my business my email is actually empty.  I’m so thankful for my awesome assistant Felicia for coming in this week to help me check off every last little project that needed to be finished before closing our doors. 

Before I go though I want to say a great big thank you.  Thank you a million times for all of the sweet words and gestures that you all made to me.  I knew *I* was emotional but I truly was not anticipating all the tears from clients.  Had I known that was going to happen I would have just scheduled a big cry party and we could have all cried together the day I announced I was closing.  Since that day though my email has been flooded with kind words and I have loved all the hugs and sweet moments I’ve had in the studio.  Those words helped me get through some dark days and I will treasure those forever.

Thank you for trusting me to capture once in a lifetime moments with your family.  I’m truly honored to be a small part of your family’s story.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’m going to miss seeing all these families grow.

And of course before I go I want to answer all of the questions I’m getting over and over!  First of all if you’re out of the loop and want to know why we’re closing you can read about it HERE.  I answered a lot of questions there and the answers pretty much remain the same.  I do want to be sure though that everyone understands that we truly did everything we could to keep our doors open.  Five years ago this would have been a tiny blip on our radar but the photography market is so saturated now that we were having to be much more aggressive in our marketing efforts than in years past.  Unfortunately this was just too big of a punch to come back from and it took us down.  Hindsight is always 20/20 and there are a lot of things that had we grasped what was really happening we would have handled it differently.  That said we went as far as our resources allowed us to.  We explored a lot of avenues and everything I tried was just a dead end and when I had exhausted every effort we agreed that closing was the only option left.  I have to believe that there is a reason for this that I just don’t see.  It was way too crazy of a story and I tried way to hard to save things for this not to have a bigger story that I just can’t see yet.  Because of that I have been at peace.  I get asked a lot if I’m excited and I would definitely say I’m still more in the devastated camp but I am very excited to have the burden lifted.  Every day I get closer to the end of this month I feel like I’m breathing easier and I realize now how long it’s been since I’ve felt like I could really breathe.  It’s been a tough year.

SO…what IS next?  First off I want to reiterate that I will NOT be taking pictures on the side.  For two reasons….one I am super excited to announce I have accepted a job at Vroman Orthodontics as a Treatment Coordinator.  Dr. Vroman is one of my clients and approached me about an opening in their office and while I was skeptical at first because I’ve never done anything in the medical field when I read the job description it looks an awful lot like the one I have now.  I’ll still get to work with families and kids (although most of them older!) only I’ll be walking them through the process of getting braces instead of custom portraiture (so if your kids need braces you should really call me!!).  The second reason is even though I won’t have the big big overhead of a huge studio and awesome staff I would still have things like insurance and taxes and different computer and program related expenses.  There is always a cost to doing business and because the hours at my new job will be longer and more strict than the ones I’m currently keeping I would have to fill most of my time off doing sessions just to pay for the remaining overhead I would have.  As you can imagine with the busy ages my kids are at I will have my hands full juggling them and my new job.  There just aren’t enough hours in the week to also juggle doing sessions on the side and the pressure of having a set number to pay for business expenses!  I’ve had a lot of people say “well let me know if you ever open up again”….please know that while I suppose you should never say never I have absolutely zero plans to ever go into business as a photographer again.  At this point in time I truly cannot imagine a scenario that would allow that to happen.

Which of course leads to the last thing to talk about before I go….what am I going to do with all that stuff!?  We are liquidating EVERYTHING!!  Our public sale will be held on Sunday Nov 27th from 4-7 pm and Monday Nov 28th from 6-8 pm.  We’ve had a LOT of questions on pricing.  We did put together a list of prices for photographers looking to buy us out but unfortunately those did not pan out.  If you received that price list you would see that we averaged a lot of things.  Since we are having a public sale we will be pricing everything individually based on value and condition.  I’m not comfortable quoting prices because there is Just.So.Much.Stuff.  We do not have anywhere to store anything and we want it all to go so just know that prices will be based on the condition of the item, if it is handmade or an antique and the value/revenue we think it will bring another photographer but above all else to get it sold so we don’t have to somehow store it long term.  Our intent is to use the proceeds of the sale to pay off all remaining business related debt and our hope is to close debt free.  We will begin packing and pricing things next week and we would love to see all of you at our sale, the cool thing about our stuff is that so much of it works very well for home decor not just for photographers!

I’ll leave you all with a fun family picture of my family from this fall.  Felicia was fantastic enough to let me be all bossy on her awesome little farm.

Those are her animals and KC would have smuggled that goat home if he could have!!


Final "Monther" post!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your amazing patience!  This project used to be Felicia’s baby and with everything else going on this year she was greatly missed and it was hard for me to juggle this all by myself!  Hopefully you see your baby here and if not let me know and I’ll go on a hunt and see if I can find what is missing!  Also…when they fixed our website the new update of our “blog theme” took away the option to scroll to the bottom and look at past posts.  I have no idea why but it’s extremely frustrating.  The only work around we can think of is I’m going to have to go in on the back end and find what you’re looking for and send you a link.  So if you need to go back and choose old months let me know which ones and I’ll work on sending you a list of links.

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